About Asphalt Transport Inc

Since 1997, Asphalt Transport Inc. (ATI) has delivered transport solutions to the paving and roofing industries. We are a leader in the safe and on-time transport of hot liquids, with an expert knowledge of the transport of hot asphalt. We also have a specialty products division that specializes in the transportation of lube oils and other clean products.

ATI has terminal locations in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee. From these locations, product can be delivered to your job location anywhere in the 48 contiguous states.

With a continuous and proven record of efficiency and reliability, ATI has become a leader in the safe and on-time transportation of hot asphalt, fuel oils, and crude oil as well as clean products. Whatever your bulk tanker transportation needs, contact us to help you with a safe and effective solution.

ATI has a strong focus on safety. All of our company drivers and owner-operators follow the safety procedures of Asphalt Transport Inc, the asphalt manufacturers and of course the safety procedures of our customers.

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